Tips for a Successful Great On Demand Video Interview

Congratulations candidate! Your application helped you get your foot in the door. Great Lakes Orthopedics, LLC would like to to take the next step by submitting an On Demand interview, via HireVue. This opportunity allows you to share your story and demonstrate your attitude, ambition and potential. Below are some tips to help you have a successful On Demand interview.


What is an On Demand Interview?

An On Demand interview is a virtual interview that gives you the opportunity to record your answer to a preset list of questions.

Getting Started - The Essentials Checklist

In order to complete an On Demand interview you will need a camera, microphone, internet connection, and distraction free environment.

  • Camera: Most laptop computers come with built-in cameras (or webcam) which HireVue will utilize for your On Demand interview. You can also use an external webcam (attached via USB) on your computer. If you do not have a laptop, or a webcam, we also offer mobile apps available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and select Android Devices with front facing cameras. For more info on how to do your interview with a mobile device go here.
  • Microphone: Most webcams come with a built-in microphone as well as camera, but HireVue can also use your stand alone microphone, or headset if needs be. As stated above we also have apps for mobile devices which will make use of your phone's receiver as the mic.
  •  High Speed Internet Connection: High speed internet is very common in today's world, but if you are unsure if your network is stable, or fast enough to perform an On Demand interview please take our connection test! Note: Mobile devices can use 3 or 4G networks, and even your home wireless network.
  • Distraction Free Environment: Keep in mind that everything your webcam shows, is what HireVue will record. Everything your mic picks up will be recorded as well. It's important to treat the On Demand interview as real as possible. You want to give the best impression possible, and having a quiet, distraction free area is one step to ensuring that.
  • Flash Player: This is the program that makes it all work. In order for HireVue to access the hardware (camera, mic, etc.) on your computer, it utilizes a program called Flash Player. Make sure you have the most up to date Flash Player from Adobe before beginning the interview.